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Re: [OT]laptop memory and slot

L.V.Gandhi wrote:
> I have dell inspiron 600m. It stopped working. It was found that by
> removing memory from one slot, it starts working. The same slot was
> fixed with other working memory module. Even then it didn't work. This
> finaly indiactes it is the slot problem. Hence to increase memory, I
> had to throw old memory sticks and buy new single chip 512 MB stick.
> But problem is my old stick was 266 mhz speed PC2100. Now what is
> available in market is 333 mhz PC2700 or Pc3200. How to know whether
> this new stick will work in my laptop as seller will not break package
> of new stick?
> I will be use thankful for nay guidance fro other users of i600m or
> hardware experts?
> -- 
> L.V.Gandhi
> http://lvgandhi.tripod.com/
> linux user No.205042 
I'm certainly no hardware expert, but looks like Crucial
(www.crucial.com) is recommending PC2700 memory for the Inspiron 600m, 
and they have a money-back guarantee.  I bought some memory from them
last summer and was very satisfied.


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