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Re: [OT]laptop memory and slot

My wife has a 600m from Dell, if the memory slot is going out, I 
would advise you to run memtest 86 to check the memory. I would 
also advise you to run the Dell diagnostics as your haddrive might 
need to be checked as well.

Just for your information my wife's 600m is on it's third 
motherboard. For some reason they like to overheat and fail if you 
do any massive calculations on them.  I can not even run RC5-72 as 
it tasks the cpu and overheats the board. 

I would also be careful as that could be a sign of a failing 
motherboard. I would hate to have you buy a stick of memory and 
then in a week or two have the board fail.

As regarding your memory, any good stick should be able to down 
clock, so if you have a good stick of pc 2700 it should be able to 
run at pc 2100 levels.  I would stay away from no name memory, as 
this could make you have even more problems. 

If it were me I would not even bother with the upgrade as I believe 
your motherboard is on shakey ground as it is. If you have an 
extended warranty I would use it. I would also check the harddrive 
and check if you have excessive heat coming from the ports on the 
back. When all my motherboards failed, the ports on the back would 
get very hot almost to burning to the touch, then it would cook the 
harddrive, as it's slot is above the board and takes tremendous 
heat as it is.  Also I would check your batteries as some were 
recalled for excessive heat build up.

I would consider the 600m a suppar notebook, sure it has the nice 
battery life when new as well as the Pentium M chip, but it's a 
lemon.  I would hate to see someone put even more money into it, if 
it shows signs of failing.


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