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Re: marillat

W Paul Mills wrote:

Similar problems with aptitude. Email to Marillat got back answer of "Not my problem." Not very helpfull.


I eventually solved the problem and posted the resolution in
another thread::

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Marty wrote:

>> Since the change from marillat to debian-multimedia I have not yet found a
>> satisfactory way of mirroring debian-multimedia. The site does not seem to offer
>> anonymous rsync or ftp, and wget and debmirror don't work as I expect them to.

Replying to my own posting, I have found what appears to be a suitable method
using lftp, which can do http transfers.  I still don't know why it only works
when I mirror the pool and dist subdirectories separately:

   lftp -c 'open http://www.debian-multimedia.org/pool; mirror -x .*-powerpc.*\
   -x .*-mips.* -x .*-arm.* -x .*m68k.* -x .*sparc.* -x .*amd64.* -x .*ia64.* \
   -x .*-alpha.* -x .*_alpha.* -x .*hppa.*  --verbose=3 --delete . \

   lftp -c 'open http://www.debian-multimedia.org/dists; mirror -x .*-powerpc.*\
   -x .*-mips.* -x .*-arm.* -x .*m68k.* -x .*sparc.* -x .*amd64.* -x .*ia64.* \
   -x .*-alpha.* -x .*_alpha.* -x .*hppa.*  --verbose=3 --delete . \

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