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Re: OT : need advice on bluebottle

On Wednesday 28 June 2006 16:58, Kevin Mark wrote:

> Hi raju,
> I think since you are getting lots of spam with the google BETA gmail
> service, you should give them 'a few words' of what is lacking in their
> service as a beta tester. We have the BTS, and our users. Google should
> know what its users want, tell them.
> just my 2 euro-centimes.
> kev

Hi Kevin,

Google's approach so far is that they just filter out the spam email and put 
them in a folder/label called spam. The trouble with this approach is that 
there are usually some false positives and it takes a lot of time to go 
through all the spam looking for false positives. Sometimes couple of spam 
emails end up in the Inbox itself.

The forums for gmail have not helped either. Their support system is not as 
open as BTS. All you can do is report it and then forget it. They will not 
tell what kind of actions they are taking regarding all the suggestions, 
bugs, complaints. I have sent a lot of suggestions before and realized that 
it is pointless. All you get is one standard automated reply back.


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