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Re: Problem reconginzing package...

On Wed, Jun 28, 2006 at 11:28:18AM -0700, Sunburned Surveyor wrote:
> I'm having some trouble installing a package. I think I might be
> totally missing something here, but I can't figure it out. I thought
> I'd ask for some help.
> I'm trying to get Subclipse to work in Eclipse with a local
> repository. To do this I need to have the latest version of the
> libsvn-javahl Debian package installed. The Subclipse team is no
> longer preparing this package, but someone else has put together an
> alternate package that does the trick.
> The original deb is named "libsvn-javahl_1.2.3dfsg1-3_i386.deb", and
> it is currently installed.
> The alternate package is named
> "libsvn-javahl_1.2.0-1.ggtools.1_i386.deb". I placed this deb on my
> local hard drive, and then ran dpkg-scanpackages.
> However, the alternate package is not showing up in Synaptic. When I
> try to use apt to install it tells me the version of libsvn-javahl is
> already current.
> I think the problem may be with the similarity in the package names.
> Is this correct? Do I need to uninstall the original package before I
> can install the alternate?
> Thanks,
> The Sunburned Surveyor
you can certainly do that. also have you tried 'dpkg -i ...'

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