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X default fonts

Hi Folks,

What I did:

I'm using the debian installer to do an automated install of a bunch
of workstations.  We have various users who speak non-English
languages, so I installed every font package I could.


I myself speak Korean (albeit badly).  After installing all the fonts,
two undesirable effects have occured:

1. When I bring up Gnome's font configuration dialog, the fonts that
are displayed in it are some kind of cursive script font.

2. Whenever I view Korean characters, the Korean font which is chosen
to display the fonts is also some kind of hand-written script.  

These hand-written fonts are really hard to read, except at fairly
large sizes.  When I read English texts, the fonts that are displayed
are not what I would prefer, but they're perfectly suitable.

In the font configurator, I've left the fonts configured as the
defaults, "Sans", "Serif", and "Monospace".  So the questions are, why
does Debian choose these horrible fonts as the defaults, and how do I
change it?

I'll be more than happy to provide other information about my install,
if it will help.


Derek D. Martin
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