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Re: KWorld TV878 TV Tuner problem

It might sound strange, but bttv is a little stupid when guessing what card/chip is installed. If 5 is definately good, maybe card=78 isn´t. My card is =37, and even so, when I tweak it to other values, some functionality still works. There are values that don´t change much, actually. Try to test other values for card=, but keeping 5 for the tuner. I´d do it manually, instead of scripting, but that´s just me.
I´ll check further and see what I can find.
good luck,


On 6/28/06, Santanu Chatterjee < thisissantanu@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks Daniel and Bruno for replying. I was beginning
to think that no one was going to reply.

On 6/28/06, Daniel wrote:

> > Now the problem is that tvtime only shows me the last channel I viewed
> > under WindowsXP. Other than that no other frequency is detected.

> If you can see the picture, then your card is configured. Have you tried
> scanning for channels?

Yes, I have. But one thing I forgot to mention in my previous post is that
if I boot into windows, watch a channel, then reboot into linux,  I can see
the channel last viewed under windows (but no other channel, and tvtime-scanner
detects no other channel). However, if I cold boot into linux,
tvtime-scanner detects
no channel and no picture is displayed.

On 6/28/06, Bruno Buys wrote:

>Try playing with the tuner value in that modprobe line. Are you sure 5
>is good? Did you see this http://www.bttv-gallery.de/ ?
>Remember to rmmod before each modprobe trial.

According to http://www.bttv-gallery.de/ my card number is 78,
and tuner=5
chips: 25878-13,
Tuner:  TN  5V     TNF-9831-B/DFF  BG+DK checked
pcb: 878TV REV:D
sticker on backside: VS-TV878RF Made in Taiwan 04111260162

bttv0: Bt878 (rev 17) at 0000:02:0c.0, irq: 11, latency: 32, mmio: 0xef000000
bttv0: using: Jetway TV/Capture JW-TV878-FBK, Kworld KW-TV878RF
[card=78,insmod option]
bttv0: gpio: en=00000000, out=00000000 in=003fffff [init]
bttv0: using tuner=5

The KWorld card I have mentions "VS-TV878RF" on the box. Yesterday,
after some googling, I found out about the btspy windows utility. So I
used it to get info about the card. I found that the guy who mentioned it
got exactly the same values as my run of btspy gave me.

So I tried his modprobe line (after rmmod bttv):
modprobe bttv card=78 radio=1 tuner=38 pll=1 gbuffers=4 gpiomask=0x1c0007 \
But still no progress.

I thought my tuner must be a different one.
So, I booted into windows, copied the frequencies of some
working tv channels and went to linux (cold boot) and created a custom
stationlist.xml with those channels. After that I tried this:
for i in `seq 0 45`; do
    rmmod bttv;
    modprobe bttv card=78 radio=1 pll=1 tuner=$i;
    sleep 1;
    tvtime --frequencies=custom --norm=PAL;
None of the 45 tuners worked, i.e. tvtime could not
show any of those channels :-(

I am getting out of ideas and google is not giving out any new
information. Please suggest if I should try anything else.


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