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KWorld TV878 TV Tuner problem

Hi Everybody,

I am using Debian Sarge (2.6 kernel). I installed a KWorld TV878 TV
Tuner card
recently, and after some googling, I was able to get the card detected
using the following :
modprobe bttv card=78 tuner=5 radio=1

Now the problem is that tvtime only shows me the last channel I viewed
under WindowsXP. Other than that no other frequency is detected.

Has someone gotten this card to work under Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, or
any other distro)?

Somewhere I read (while googling) that to get the card working in
one has to copy some file from the windows installation of the supplied
driver and make that available to tvtime ( IIRC it was tvtime or maybe
the bttv driver... I forgot ). Apparently, the hardware of the card
itself is not
sufficient, it probably needs some configuration prior to using it.
Unfortunately, I cannot find the URL for the web page anymore.

If would appreciate any help from you that might help me use this
under Debian (or any Linux). I had to install WindowsXP just to
be able to use the card to watch World Cup. If I get this working under
I can get back some valuable disk space.

(By the way, the FM radio part is also not working under Linux, but
I am not bothered about that.)

Santanu Chatterjee

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