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Re: Debian server support

Kevin Mark ha scritto:

more modern CPU (maybe a dual cpu) and such. If you are not monitoring
your useage, it would be a good way to determine if you need a new

The current server actually satisfies our current needs, it's not overloaded. But we are in one of those times when the company IT machinery goes through a general upgrade: we're upgrading clients, changing some things in our network structure... and why not take the opportunity to freshen up the server, too? After all, the probability of hardware failures increases with age... and this is no good thing when the server is a standard PC without redundant power supply etc... (yes, backups are regularly done, just in case you're wondering ;)).
The current server might be reused as a good client, so nothing gets wasted.

If you are not going to use/need 'offical support' (where YOU are the
one doing it) then Red Hat or such certified is not valid for you.

I'm not much interested in support from software vendors, but rather from hardware ones: e.g. if a proprietary driver is needed to fully exploit some useful hardware feature.

If they have linux support, then this is good, but make sure than it
doesnt REQUIRE binary only drivers for any of the hardware. (or be
prepare to replace the hardware). IBM or similar corporate hardware

That's why I'm here.
Being sure about this, based only on vendor and official web site informations, is not possible. They simply tell you that they are sure their stuff works fine with RH etc., and that they have no idea how it will work with Debian. And searching the web for such info is not easy. So I asked here, hoping that some experienced Debian user had already used some braded servers and could give me some suggestions.

Thank you all for your answers, they will make my choice easier.


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