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Re: KWorld TV878 TV Tuner problem

LeVA wrote:

2006. június 26. 08:00,
"Santanu Chatterjee" <thisissantanu@gmail.com>
-> debian-user@lists.debian.org,:
Hi Everybody,

I am using Debian Sarge (2.6 kernel). I installed a KWorld TV878 TV
Tuner card
recently, and after some googling, I was able to get the card detected
using the following :
modprobe bttv card=78 tuner=5 radio=1

Now the problem is that tvtime only shows me the last channel I viewed
under WindowsXP. Other than that no other frequency is detected.
If you can see the picture, then your card is configured. Have you tried scanning for channels?


Try playing with the tuner value in that modprobe line. Are you sure 5 is good? Did you see this http://www.bttv-gallery.de/ ? Remember to rmmod before each modprobe trial.

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