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Re: replying "to list"

Le samedi 24 juin 2006 à 21:18 -0500, Default User a écrit :
> Gee, I almst hate to ask, but:
> I use the defult Evolution email client in Debian stable.  When I choose
> "reply to list" when replying to a post on debian-user@lists.debian.org
> instead of putting that in the to: field, it puts the word 
> Debian
> underlined in the to: field instead.  How can I change that so when I
> reply to the list it automatically puts 
> debian-user@lists.debian.org
> in the to: field as I would expect.

That's a feature, not a bug. Presumably you have an entry in your
addressbook for the list named "Debian". When evolution finds the e-mail
address in the To: field, it replaces it by 
 Debian <debian-user@lists.debian.org>
and displays only _Debian_ . You can check which e-mail address is used
by right-clicking this word. If you don't want it to happen, I don't
know any other solution than removing the entry from your addressbook.


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