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Re: Windows-toolbar behavior in gnome

* edwardsa <edwardsa@afrl.kirtland.af.mil> [2006-06-21 16:33]:
> You have only two choices, and neither produce the prior behavior for
> new windows. "smart" apparently looks at the focus behavior, which only
> changes  the interaction of the mouse with the window. That is to say,
> once the window is created, focus_mode decides whether focus is given
> by clicking or simple placement of the cursor. It does not effect
> whether new windows are automatically raised. That is really my point.
> Currently, metacity is a "Have it our way" window manager.
> I have run the same application (molden, a molecular visualization
> tool)  in KDE and I am able to exercise complete control over new
> windows. The default was exactly the same behavior as in gnome, but I
> could change it with the configure window behavior option. I was also
> able to alter the annoying behavior of firefox, described previously,
> where new instances of the browser are initiated behind other windows.
> I have looked fairly carefully at the metacity.schemas file and I have
> not found a way to alter the window behavior to customize metacity. I'm
> now using KDE because gnome/metacity had diminished my productivty. I
> miss the simplicity of gnome's presentation and would use it again if
> it met my needs. I realize that simplicity is one of the driving
> considerations for metacity. However, to misquote Einstein entirely out
> of context, things should be made as simple as possible, and no
> simpler. I would say that metacity is now a little too simple.

You could always use another window manager with GNOME.  I used GNOME
for a short period, and didn't like metacity either, so I just used
openbox.  Now I just use openbox + perlpanel (no GNOME).

Of course, openbox may not be what you want either, but you might be
able to find another window manager that is.

- Felix

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