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Re: memtest86+ fails at address '00000000000 - 0.0MB'

On Wednesday, 21.06.2006 at 13:16 -0500, John Hasler wrote:

> I wrote:
> > he could always rubber-band it.
> Dave Ewart writes:
> > Assuming the problem is as Peter originally supposed: exactly what
> > are you suggesting here?!?
> "Rubber-banding" is a sleazy TV repairman's trick from the 1960s and
> 70s.  The sets had IF transformers (air-core transformers in an
> aluminum can) soldered to the board which often suffered from internal
> intermittent connections.  You could recognize the class of problem
> from the symptoms and then identify the defective transformer by
> wiggling the transformers one by one: push the bad one in the correct
> direction and the trouble cleared out.  Of course, the responsible
> thing to do was to replace the transformer.  However a certain clasee
> of technician figured "Hey.  Shoving the damn thing over to the right
> fixes it: why replace it?  A rubber band to the next tranformer will
> hold it in place".
> The pc motherboard equivalent would be flexing and bending the board
> until the trouble clears out and then wedging it into that position.

Ah, I see.

A replacement motherboard it is, then :-)


P.S. Nice write-up, thanks... ;-)

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