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Re: memtest86+ fails at address '00000000000 - 0.0MB'

I wrote:
> he could always rubber-band it.

Dave Ewart writes:
> Assuming the problem is as Peter originally supposed: exactly what are
> you suggesting here?!?

"Rubber-banding" is a sleazy TV repairman's trick from the 1960s and 70s.
The sets had IF transformers (air-core transformers in an aluminum can)
soldered to the board which often suffered from internal intermittent
connections.  You could recognize the class of problem from the symptoms
and then identify the defective transformer by wiggling the transformers
one by one: push the bad one in the correct direction and the trouble
cleared out.  Of course, the responsible thing to do was to replace the
transformer.  However a certain clasee of technician figured "Hey.  Shoving
the damn thing over to the right fixes it: why replace it?  A rubber band
to the next tranformer will hold it in place".

The pc motherboard equivalent would be flexing and bending the board until
the trouble clears out and then wedging it into that position.
John Hasler

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