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Re: iTunes Lib. to Ogg

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CRASSlogic wrote:
> Greets all.
> I recently installed Debian on my PowerMac G4. Having
> used OS X for a long time, i've acquired a perfectly
> organized library of full CD's, no drm, in the aac
> format. 
> I've recently learned about how aac and mp3 are
> proprietary formats, and what that's all about in
> general. I've looked into and rather admire the Ogg
> Vorbis codec, and want very much to use it. My
> question is; is there a way (here in Debian, Sarge) to
> convert my iTunes library (currently 20.8GB) to Ogg
> Vorbis? I can't find a batch encoder or similar
> myself, having spent quite some time on google.

Doable, as another poster has mentioned, but you're going to lose
information during the conversion from one lossy compression format
(aac) to another (ogg).

Better (but obviously time-consuming) would be to re-rip your CDs
into the FLAC[1] (free *lossless* audio compression) format.  That
gives you the ability then to convert from FLAC to any of the lossy
formats now and in the future.

[1] FLAC gives about 50% compression over WAV files.  Horrible when
compared to aac/mp3/ogg, but flac is *lossless* just like wav, and
that itself is a great benefit.

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