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Re: nvidia 6800 GS Random Choppy Performance

Þann 2006-06-20, 09:30:52 (-0500) skrifaði Andrew Nelson:
> Hello all,
> I have a EVGA 6800 GS video card that doesn't seem to be working
> correctly.  Here's the symtoms.
> 1. System runs perfectly fine for a bit.
> 2. Some random moment in time later everything becomes very choppy.
> 3. Start up a 3d app like ppracer or glxgears.  (for just a second or two)
> 4  2D apps run perfectly fine for a bit.
> 5. Some random moment in time later everything become very choppy.
> Does anyone have any ideas where I could start looking to explain problems
> like this?

Hi Andy

For starters look in the logs of /var/log ... 
If the logs for the X server and the kernel dont show anything
interesting then try to change the driver for the video card to some
other version, then you can try a Live CD (like Knoppix) and see if
that gives the same results.

If all of these give you no clues then I think it is a hardware problem.



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