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Re: immigrate Debian from an older disk to a newer one?

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Wei Hu wrote:
> I'm planning to replace my older disk (13G) with a larger/newer
> hard disk (750G)

Wow, a 57.7x jump in capacity is pretty "significant".

>                  and to maintain the machine as it is. what I
> want are replace the old disk with the new disk including the
> Debian (2.6.16) operating system and keep all the setups.
> Will it wok if I shutdown all daemons, copy all files to the new
> disk, and make sure file permissions remain the same as the old
> one?

IMO, reinstalling from scratch will be less prone to errors, and
will eliminate cruft that has built up over the years.

If you retain the old drive as /dev/hd[bcd] (or even an external
drive) then you can easily copy the relevant files (/etc, /home,
/var, and so on).

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