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Re: multiple epiphany process

Willie Wonka wrote:
Nicoco Kinlidex wrote:
hello folks,

i recently left firefox for epiphany (muuuuch faster) but i
issues when opening links from external applications.
instead of opening links in a new tab in epiphany's window, each application launch a different epiphany process. As a consequence :
- epiphany is launched several times increasing memory usage
- I have a dialog box telling me epiphany crashed last time it was
each time I click a link from an external soft, when epiphany was launched before by another application and is still running (and the link is opened in a new epiphany window instead of a new tab)

I think it is related with dbus-daemon : this process is launched
time i open links from within a different application

googling didn't help me so I post here :o)

I hope i was understandable, sorry for my english

Since Epiphany is based upon the XUL Gecko engine that Moz/FF uses (I
think I said that correctly) - it also incorporates the magical--> 'about:config'

So type that/this into the Location Bar; "about:config" (no quotes)
Hit Enter
Scroll down to this preference setting;
Right-click and select *modify* - change it from 'false' to 'TRUE'
(note: I am uncertain about the Uppercase/lowercase - so make the
entries/edits/modifications in lowercase, since that's how they
originally are).

FWIW - I also have this preference set to TRUE;

You may also have JavaShit problems that are REdirecting the behavior -
so what I do is disable ALL that Distributed Object Model (DOM) crap;

Type this into the "Filter" box in about:config
*dom.disable* (no asterisks)
and for all 16 that of the type "boolean" that appear -- modify each of
them to be TRUE
Now you are in control of what can occur through JavaShit.


this entry doesn't exist : browser.tabs.opentabfor.windowopen. i tried to create it, i also tried changing browser.tabs.loadOnNewTab from 0 to 1

... without any effect on my problem

i really think it is d-bus related. my biggest problem isn't about opening link inside new tabs or new windows but is due to the fact that: - I have several distinct epiphany and dbus-daemon processes launched if I don't pay attention

- I have this annoying message when I open a link from within an application that hasn't launched the current epiphany process : "epiphany crashed last time. do you want to restore tabs ?"

i forgot to mention I use Debian Sid on x86


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