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Re: multiple epiphany process

Nicoco Kinlidex wrote:
> Willie Wonka wrote:
> > Nicoco Kinlidex wrote:
> >> hello folks,
> >>
> >> i recently left firefox for epiphany (muuuuch faster) but i
> > experience 
> >> issues when opening links from external applications.
> >> instead of opening links in a new tab in epiphany's window, each 
> >> application launch a different epiphany process. As a consequence
> > Since Epiphany is based upon the XUL Gecko engine that Moz/FF uses
> > think I said that correctly) - it also incorporates the magical--> 
> > 'about:config'
> > 
> > So type that/this into the Location Bar; 
> > "about:config" (no quotes)
> > Hit Enter
> > Scroll down to this preference setting;
> > *browser.tabs.opentabfor.windowopen*
> > Right-click and select *modify* - change it from 'false' to 'TRUE'
> > (note: I am uncertain about the Uppercase/lowercase - so make the
> > entries/edits/modifications in lowercase, since that's how they
> > originally are).
> > 
> > FWIW - I also have this preference set to TRUE;
> > browser.tabs.opentabfor.middleclick
> > 
> > You may also have JavaShit problems that are REdirecting the
behavior -
> > so what I do is disable ALL that Distributed Object Model (DOM)
> > 
> > Type this into the "Filter" box in about:config
> > *dom.disable* (no asterisks)
> > and for all 16 that of the type "boolean" that appear -- modify
each of
> > them to be TRUE
> > Now you are in control of what can occur through JavaShit.
> > 
> > Regards
> > 
> this entry doesn't exist : browser.tabs.opentabfor.windowopen. i
> to create it, i also tried changing browser.tabs.loadOnNewTab from 0
to 1
> ... without any effect on my problem
> i really think it is d-bus related. my biggest problem isn't about 
> opening link inside new tabs or new windows but is due to the fact
> - I have several distinct epiphany and dbus-daemon processes launched
> I don't pay attention
> - I have this annoying message when I open a link from within an 
> application that hasn't launched the current epiphany process : 
> "epiphany crashed last time. do you want to restore tabs ?"
> i forgot to mention I use Debian Sid on x86

Ok - let's try this backwards...
I'm usign Debian Sarge 3.1r1, Kernel 2.6.8-2-386 (*Stable*) -- and
"Sid" is considered *Unstable*, so it just may be a Bug...IOW, expect
some issues with apps/etc.

I don't see how d-bus, nor hald are playing a role in this, unless you
mean the DCOP Server(?) which is part of KDE -- but just in case you
mean D-Bus see below;

* Are you running (either/or Epiphany, or the OS, or Both?) from a USB
Keychain or an External Drive perhaps? (Tell us more about your Setup).

* I have all all those settings I mentioned and many more in Epiphany;
See here (Filtered via "browser.tab");
Note - what controls many of these settings in Moz/FF and Epiphany are
User.js(which I can't find for Epiphany) -- and PREFS.JS (which exists
here on this box)

Perhaps you also run Moz/FF, ...and Epiph is using it's/their Config
Settings (Prefs.js _AND_ User.js for Config) -- these files usually
live beneath $HOME/$User/.mozilla (or maybe called .firefox) and then
deeper--> /default/xxxxxxxx.slt/
Somewhere in that PATH may be a /.profile subDir
(Notice the Dirs with the  leading ' . ' -- this designates a .hidden
Dir or File)
View and Edit these files (Prefs.js and User.js) with any Text Editor.

* Have you gone into Epiphany's Edit | Preferences | and on the
"Privacy Tab" done this?
And while I agree (compared to FF/Moz) the _amount_ of
choices/preferences are Slim -- that's what helps it be so very
f-a-s-t.... And changes are in Real-time AFAICT.

* Have you installed any/all Dependencies?

 --- On to the D-cop stuff ---

I issued this command just now;

$ sudo /etc/init.d/dbus-1 stop
Stopping Hardware abstraction layer: hald.
Stopping system message bus: dbus-1.

I tracked dbus stuff using this command;
$ locate dbus
and then it's just from sorting and checking files ...and knowing
/etc/init.d is the main startup/stopping script Dir -- but more info
about dbus can be found in various places as seen from checking out the
various files returned from issuing above command

BTW - I also checked my various /var/log/ files for any pertitnent info
about hald and dbus, but even the syslogs don't have much to say

So -- also run 
$ ps aux

I still think you're barking up the wrong tree - since I've had
External links open New Windows (which means a new *Instance* of the
browser (not tabs) in whatever browser I was using - and the fix was to
Stop *that* external URL loading from doing that via Forcing any new
"browser instance" to open in a Tab instead 


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