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Re: Question not addressed in FAQ.

On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 06:37:58AM +0000, Lynn Kilroy wrote:
> >From: "Lynn Kilroy"
> >
> >>From: Kent West
> >>
> >>Lynn Kilroy wrote:
> >>>Are you guys like cleaning up the easy way of donig net installs now or 
> >>>something?  And is it safe to assume that all Debian Dists have the same 
> >>>basic file sets?
> >>>
> >>>In other words, for every file that was mentioned in the prior e-mail, 
> >>>is there file that would be reachable by simply replacing "Potato" with 
> >>>"Sarge?"
> >>
> >>Not entirely sure what you're asking.
> >>
> >>Concerning loadlin, I believe Sarge doesn't work with it, because Sarge 
> >>uses initrd kernels by default I think, and loadlin can't handle that.
> >>
> >>Once you have a base install of Potato, you can change your 
> >>/etc/apt/sources.list file to point to Sarge (or stable, testing, sid, 
> >>unstable, EXCEPT for the security line, which needs to be left at stable) 
> >>and then upgrade the box with:
> >>   aptitude update
> >>   aptitude dist-upgrade
> >>(If Potato doesn't have aptitude, substitute apt-get, then install 
> >>aptitude and use it in the future - just my recommendation - not 
> >>essential.)
> >>
> >>--
> >>Kent
> >
> >Can I avoid a lot of problems with Sarge by putting the CD Image on a hard 
> >drive and booting it from there?  Is it even possible to use a CD Image 
> >from a Hard Drive to install Debian?
> >
> >The ftp site for potato has a habit of playing "Peekaboo!," in that it's 
> >there for a few minutes then it vanishes.  Are there two 
> >ftp.us.debian.org's, and if so, am I getting the one with debian-archives 
> >intermittently?  If this is the case, how can I get the sight with 
> >debian-archives more consistently, to finish installing potato, or will 
> >sarge install over potato if I point to sarge?
> >
> >I will try to have sarge try to install in the place of the rest of 
> >potato, but I don't know how well this will work.  It seems to me a wonder 
> >I found potato in the first place! :-)
> >
> >Love & Friendhip & Blessed Be!
> >Lynn Erika Kilroy
> Okay.  The potato finished installing after pointing apt-get to the Sarge 
> Distro.  Which seems kinda' odd, but I hope makes perfect sense for linux.
> I did not try to use aptitude - maybe I should - but anyway, apt-get 
> dist-upgrade responded by saying there were no updates available.  I had to 
> point it at /debian/dists/sarge to get it to finish installing at all, so 
> could I now have a sarge box instead of a potato box?  If so, where to from 
> here?
> Love & Friendship & Blessed Be!
> Lynn Erika Kilroy
Hi Lynn,
could you post your /etc/apt/sources.list
here hoping you will soon be using Sarge and maybe you can try to document your
fun path from woody to ssarge on the debian wiki (http://wiki.debian.org)!
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