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Re: which package for a bug report?

On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 12:00:35PM +0200, Mauro Sanna wrote:
> Hello, can I have an advice even if I have not subscribed to this list?
> I want to report a bug but I can't determine which package contains that 
> bug.
> The story is:
> I've installed a fresh debian etch system with boot/ on a traditional 
> partition and the remaining disk space for LVM.
> Then I create two logical volumes, one for root and one for /usr all 
> with reiser filesystem.
> I install all the system.
> Then I remove lvm tools, install evms-bootdebug and evms. 
> As report in the evms-bootdebug README I reboot, then I boot with 
> evms_debug flag.
> >From ncurses evms interface I save all and exit and continue the boot 
> process.
> Then I modify fstab and grub menu.lst as reported from README 
> evms-bootdebug.
> All seems ok but when I reboot the system it hangs telling "Waiting for 
> root file system....".
> The problem is that root logical volume is on reiserfs.
> In fact if I reinstall and assing ext3 to root logical volume all is ok 
> and the system boots normally.
> Please can you answer also to my e-mail address?
> Thank you.
Hi Mauro,
apt-get install reportbug
use it to report a bug against evms-bootdebug (if that is the name)
after you do, then author will examine the bug report and reassign it to a
different packages if she/he thinks it needs to be.

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