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Re: Installing Debian

From: "Lynn Kilroy" <leks_transportation@hotmail.com>

From: "s. keeling" <keeling@spots.ab.ca>
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To: debian-user@lists.debian.org
Subject: Re: Question not addressed in FAQ.
Date: Mon, 19 Jun 2006 00:10:19 GMT

Carl Fink <carl@finknetwork.com>:
>  On Sun, Jun 18, 2006 at 03:32:22PM +0000, Lynn Kilroy wrote:
> > What files from the mirror site will I need if I want to install Debian
> > without making or purchasing some kind of removeable media?
> >
> > Also, what will the LoadLin Command Line look like to get Debian started on
> > a network install?
> What version of Debian are you talking about? Not just what version number,
>  but what platform?
>  Does 3.x even support loadlin?  I haven't used it in years.

Sorry for the "Me too!"-ish post, but I too see no reason for loadlin.
I've never needed / wanted to use it.  netinst is about 107 Mb.  If
you can't manage that, go the floppy route as suggested, though be
careful there; floppies are notoriously unreliable media.

Oh!  Off Topic:  Please note Reply-To is not the list.

Back to Topic: I have no CD Burner, so please excuse me for having legacy equipment off a P100 and P233 on a brand new AMD 1.4GHz PC. This system is still being worked on. Oddly enough, we own six hard disk drives, five 200GB drives, and one 160GB Drive.

We have no floppy diskettes. We pretty much store all our surplus data on spare hard drives. I mean, with like, six of them, why not?

We have no use for a CD Burner. What's 600 MB to a spare 280GB for each of us, not including the dual internal drives we have installed all the time?

I'd rather not purchase a CD and wait two weeks to a month, while running the rist that the CD's May Get Stolen.

The Floppy Image can be downloaded and the OS installed via a Network. Why can't I just D/L the files off the floppy image, and use them, along with LoadLin, to boot to Linux, then let Linux install them? I have a dual boot already, and there's no reason at all for Linux to share the same 200GB Hard Drive with Win98SE and Win XP Pro.

Love & Friendship & Blessed Be!
Lynn Erika Kilroy


I got the net install CD.

I extracted the files.

I used LoadLin to start it, and it reported something about a file not missing, and asking me to specify a valid root.

It then stopped responding.

I will try moving the files so LoadLin and the Install Files are all in the same folder.

I can not boot to the CD, obviously, because there *is* no CD. LoadLin is the only way I have to do this.

No CD Burner, which is why the CD had to be extracted the hard way to DOS.

Any advice or information anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated. But it does seem oddly clear that although a lot of people here don't have SL compliant video cards, you all *do* have certain equipment that I don't have, and you are all assuming that I should be able to do as you do.

It's also pretty clear that anyone who has a Windows system here has a conventional Windows System, so mine would be pretty fucking * * * W E I R D * * * to most of you to begin with.

Windows 98 Second Edition has a great defragmenter. To use it, you need FAT32. NTFS is unintelligible garbage to Win98SE. Consequently, Windows XP Professional is on a FAT32 Partition.

What's more, Windows XP Professional does not like using Windows 98 Second Edition Tools. As a result, we have a dual boot Windows computer, so we can use one Windows to perform maintenance tasks on the other.

Since we're dual boot, anyway, adding a third operating system - Debian Linux - won't be a problem. I even have a spare hard drive available to this task.

According to the documents, the image I have is Sarge Stable.

Now that I have the CD and it's files are extracted and I have LoadLin which will start it, I need to know how to setup LoadLin so it will launch the Debian Installer {as again I say, booting to this CD is clearly out of the question since it's a bunch of files in a directory on my hard disk drive}.

Oh, and it's a PC with two different flavors of Windows on it already. Last I knew, that meant only one real architecture, and only one real version of Linux. Perhaps I'm slightly mistaken here ... ? After all, the last time I played with Debian was in, oh, I dunno ... 1996?

Love & Friendship & Blessed Be!
Lynn Erika Kilroy

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