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Re: OpenOffice Calc interface uses huge font size


George Borisov wrote:
> I've just installed OpenOffice Calc on Debian (unstable) for the first time.
> The problem is that the interface font used it simply huge!
> I am running Xfce4. I have checked my DPI settings and these are set to
> 96x96. I have also tried the font replacement thing suggested in
> README.Debian but that made no difference whatsoever. :-(
> Any ideas how I can get normal fonts for the interface?

Did you try installing openoffice.org-gnome (which contains a plugin
for using Gtk at the UI which apparently also will do it for XFCE)?
It'll install "some" GNOME libs, though.
Does it help?

.oO ( Maybe I should really merge Ubuntus's split between -gtk/-gnome (which they did also for xome xfve reasons) - but fixed up.. )



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