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Re: Newbie Notes


* Mike Hill <digidoctn@yahoo.com> [060616 14:34]:

> All seems well, and I then used VIM to edit
> /etc/sudoers and added my user to enable SUDO
> commands.

Your might want to use "visudo" instead of editing the sudoers file
direclty.  visudo will use your standard editor and perform some sanity
checks after your editing.

> I failed to write down the exact command, but I was
> then able to use dpkg to reconfigure xfree86, changing
> from VESA to an ATI driver.

That would have "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" ;)

> I read of a way to examine monitor properties, can someone suggest
> what package allows this?

You can either try "xresprobe" from the same package or "get-edid |
parse-edid" from the package "read-edid".

Yours sincerely,


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