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Re: how to install debian raid card

On (16/06/06 13:24), Ivan Petrov wrote:
> Hello my name is Ivan
> I have raid set 320gb=2X160Gb maxtor(done by firmware) pir-133 raid
> controller You can see it here:
> http://www.tigerdirect.ca/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=280534&CatId=508
> The problem is: Debian instalation see 2 separate drives.  athes os:
> Mandriva-work, xp2k-work with driver.  windows 98 installation see it
> and work without driver,so if 98 work Debian also must work. if you
> know boot: kernel parameters please send e-mail: to_pappa@yahoo.ca
> Sorry fo my English. 

You're english is fine :).... better than my Russian.

I'm no expert but I suspect this is one of those quasi RAID cards that
don't work under Debian, they rely on software for some of their
functionality.  However, fortunately, software raid in Debian is a much
better solution :)

# Useful references:
# http://rootraiddoc.alioth.debian.org/
# http://juerd.nl/site.plp/debianraid
# http://xtronics.com/reference/SATA-RAID-Debian.htm

mdadm is the tool you need but you may need to disable the RAID
functionality on the card.

You should also check the debian-user mailing list archive; there's been
quite a lot of discussion about these cards.

Google for:  site:lists.debian.org cheap raid card

I found this:



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