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Re: Can't find libXmu.a and libXaw.a for xorg

On Friday 16 June 2006 11:10, edwardsa wrote:
> I'm trying to compile Scilab from sources and it requires the two static
> libraries
> libXmu.a and LibXaw.a
> I have installed the packages libxmu-dev and libxaw7-dev, where these
> files are supposed to originate,. However, after installation they are
> not in the /usr/X1R6/lib directory, where, according to the debian
> packages web page, they are supposed to reside.
> I looked at the package dependencies and they include xfree86-common.
> I'm running the xorg xserver. What are my options?

It depends on what version of xorg you are running--if it's a recent one 
(e.g. 7.0), the files will in /usr/lib. You can find where your particular 
files are with dpkg -L; for instance on my system:

$ dpkg -L libxmu-dev | grep libXmu.a

Hope that helps.

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