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Re: GNOME new file selection dialogs

On 6/13/06, Jon Dowland <lists@alcopop.org> wrote:
At 1150162787 past the epoch, Ron Johnson wrote:
> If KDE is your DE, then it's a great idea.  If your WM/DE
> is based on gtk, though, you're adding a lot of extra
> overhead loading both the gtk & qt/KDE libraries.
It's a shame that people still think of this as a concern:
For the vast majority of people, I'd suggest that using
GTK-apps or QT-apps in mutual exclusion is a serious case of
premature optimisation and such people are missing out on
some truly great software.

My experience has been that running KDE apps or GNOME apps (as opposed
to Qt or GTK apps) also causes a lot of daemons and other assorted
cruft to start.  That *is* a lot of overhead.  In one case, the app's
native DE decided that one of my Fvwm virtual desktops now belonged to
it (the DE).  That may be a case of poor application programming -- I
have no idea if this behavior (or, if you will, behaviour) is typical.

Michael A. Marsh

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