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GNOME new file selection dialogs

They're terrible.  If GNOME has to be the basis for programs like Firefox,
surely they could avoid "different for different's sake" and use standard
selection dialogs.  If I click on a file and want to save it in a particular
directory, it's minimum five clicks now and there's no way to visually
navigate the directory tree unless you have a great memory.  The previous
version worked fine, and as far as I can tell the reason to change was
"let's be different".  Button-based directory recall?  Having to click a
second time to inform the program you want to use a different directory? 
"File system" means "root of the file system"?  You aren't PERMITTED to type
a directory path in, even if you know it?  I thought this was *nix.


Yeah, I'm complaining a lot lately.  Sorry.

Anyway, would it make sense to file a Debian bug or complain directly to de
Icaza or what? I'd love to just not use GNOME but as a Linux user, I don't
have a lot of good alternatives to FireFox for browsers.  (Konqueror is
okay, but I've become dependent on stuff like FlashBlock and ImageZoom.)  I
wonder if the current Netscape Navigator is any good, and would use FF
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