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Re: Reading /VAR/LOG Files????

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Leonard Chatagnier wrote:
> Þann 2006-06-09, 05:27:46 (-0700) skrifaði Leonard Chatagnier:
>>> How does one read in human readable terms a log file
>>> that is a binary file such a faillog? There are other
>>> binary log files that I would like to check but don't
>>> know how.
>>> I'm sure debian wouldn't put the file there if it
>>> couldn't be accessed in human readable terms; I'd just
>>> like to know how. An answer would be most appreciated.
>> Usually there are programs that display the information there, like
>> for the faillog file there is the faillog program.
> Oli
> Thanks for the reply. I did get a 2 line output from running faillog but
> the /var/log/faillog file size is about 1.5 MBytes. Ran the faillog
> --help and tried out the listed options but still got only one or two line
> output. Also read both faillog manpages; not much help but did learn what
> faillog does. Another issue is that wajig show or list and apt-cache or
> aptitude search all did not show any output for faillog. Could you tell
> me what package if come from as I don't need it for a single user
> network of
> 2 machines and would like to rm it if it's optional. TIA for another reply
> to this.

$ dpkg -S `which faillog`
login: /usr/bin/faillog

Looks like you gotta keep it...

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