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Re: Re: Reading /VAR/LOG Files????

Þann 2006-06-09, 05:27:46 (-0700) skrifaði Leonard Chatagnier:
How does one read in human readable terms a log file
that is a binary file such a faillog? There are other
binary log files that I would like to check but don't
know how.
I'm sure debian wouldn't put the file there if it
couldn't be accessed in human readable terms; I'd just
like to know how. An answer would be most appreciated.

Usually there are programs that display the information there, like
for the faillog file there is the faillog program.


Thanks for the reply. I did get a 2 line output from running faillog but the /var/log/faillog file size is about 1.5 MBytes. Ran the faillog --help and tried out the listed options but still got only one or two line
output. Also read both faillog manpages; not much help but did learn what
faillog does. Another issue is that wajig show or list and apt-cache or aptitude search all did not show any output for faillog. Could you tell me what package if come from as I don't need it for a single user network of
2 machines and would like to rm it if it's optional. TIA for another reply
to this.

Leonard Chatagnier

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