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Re: ejecting CD in a program....

On Fri, 2006-06-09 at 23:17 +0100, Digby Tarvin wrote:
> Anyone know the reason for this mysterious behaviour?:
> I am writing a little application which has to wait for a CD to be
> loaded into the drive, obtain some data from the CD, and then eject
> it ready for the next one....
> What I have found is that if there is initially no CD in the drive,
> the program waits successfully, but fails to eject. If there is an
> initial CD in the drive it does not need to wait, and the eject
> succeeds..
> With a little trial and error, I have found that closing and re-opening
> the device before the eject can solve the problem, but ONLY with a
> sleep between close and open.
> If I leave the device open, then no amount of sleeping before the
> eject will help...
> ...


No solution here, but maybe you could check out the source of the
command "eject"? This works pretty good, so maybe you find some clues in

Good luck

Philippe De Ryck

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