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Has anyone successfully used apt-get w/ ssh?

Hello again gurus,

I'm working on an automated installation and thought I would give the ssh access method a whirl with apt-get for installing my custom packages. My problem is that I can't seem to get the options that I need passed to ssh's command line by apt.

The man page for apt-get hinted that this is possible, but didn't specify how to tell apt-get what command line options to pass to ssh, so I downloaded the source for the version of apt that comes with sarge and perused the source code. According to apt-[375] I should be able to use the command line option:

-o 'Acquire::ssh::Options="-i /path/to/id_rsa -l username"'

But when I do, apt-get hangs when it tries to contact my install server. When I use 'ps -ef | grep ssh' to check the command line apt-get used for ssh, the options I have specified aren't there, just the hostname. I have also tried using Ssh, SSH, rsh, Rsh, RSH in place of the ssh in the Aquire line above, all to no avail.

(This is all being done on a freshly-installed, barest-of-bones Debian system, btw.)

I know that the ssh keys are set up correctly because I can call ssh by hand, passing it the options specified above, and I'm allowed right in without being prompting for a password.

Has anyone successfully gotten ssh to work with apt-get?

Thanks for your help,

Michael Peek

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