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Re: New DVD+-R/RW/RAM drive

Jeffrey B. Green wrote:
Curt Howland wrote:

On Sunday 04 June 2006 12:25, "Jeffrey B. Green" <jeff@kikisoso.org> was heard to say:

I'll be getting a new Sony DRX 820UL/T drive in within the next
week. Does anyone here have any experience getting it to work
(obviously I mean with debian)?

I looked up the specs, that looks like a nice drive.

Yeah, to me too; and it does look like the r/rw pieces may work okay. However, I haven't seen whether the ram features work in linux. Do you know what are the relevant drivers involved for DVD-RAM to work?

Not the same drive, but I use DVD-Ram disks in a LG-GSA4163B. I've even formatted them with an ext3 partition as I found the UDF filesystem kept getting corrupted.



It's unfortunate that none of the resellers, nor Sony, list which Linux version started support for that drive. The two retailers I checked that listed Windows versions, Mac versions, and a contact address have received an email from me asking why they don't list which Linux kernel (ie: Linux 2.4.19 or later) versions support the drive.

"How can I order hardware if I don't know if it will run on my system?"

Just make sure, if it doesn't work, that you return it for a FULL refund and tell them why.



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