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Re: Debian stable & SATA drive

Try this:

A custom Sarge ISO CD.
I've solved the same problem on a server with SATA controller.

On 6/6/06, George Borisov <george@dxsolutions.co.uk> wrote:
Owen Heisler wrote:
> Why doesn't Debian detect the drive?  More importantly, what can I do to
> make it detect it?  I have tried all (only two) of the parameters for
> the sata_via (or via_sata) module.

Did you use "linux26" when installing?

If so, you might need to use the Etch (testing) installer, rather than
the Sarge one (stable.) I have installed Sarge on a SATA machine before,
but some people here have reported problems. (There were several threads
on this in the last few months.)

Hope this helps,

George Borisov

DXSolutions Ltd

Michele Della Marina

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