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Re: Mixing sarge and etch

On Monday 05 June 2006 09:49, Chris Walters wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone has had any luck in mixing elements of etch
> with a sarge installation.  I am reluctant to do this, because I tried
> twice to install etch and it failed to work, and when I tried to do what
> I just said, it broke my system.
> What I want to do is upgrade Mozilla, Thunderbird, and Firefox to more
> recent versions than are in the official sarge distribution (and maybe a
> few other things, like OpenOffice).
> Am I barking up the wrong tree here?  Should I maybe create an etch net
> install floppy and do a clean install of etch rather than trying to mix
> the two?

Usually the best way to approach this is to use stable (sarge) and for any 
software you need newer versions of, use a backported version either from 
backports.org or built yourself from the testing (etch) or unstable (sid) 

I believe most of the software you mentioned (Firefox, etc) are supported by 
backports.org already.

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