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RE: Apache2 & fcgid

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>From: Tom Allison [mailto:tallison@tacocat.net]
>Sent: Sunday, June 04, 2006 6:57 PM
>To: Debian User List
>Subject: Apache2 & fcgid
>I'm trying to get some basic FCGI stuff running on my (new to me) apache2
>I uninstalled apache and installed apache2 on this box.
>The current installation is entirely "default" with the exception of the
>servername and serveradmin directives.
>I've put in some information from what I have working on this box right now
>let me say it's very nice.  No, actually is a wonderful experience to have
>something "just work" like this.  I'm thrilled.
>But now I have about 10,000 questions about what I'm doing and what I just
>So with that I'll just ask for one:
>I've been a moderate user of Apache for some time.  Nothing too extravagent
>I do have virual hosting on one server.  Where can I go to get some
>on the care and feeding of Apache2 and how it's different from Apache(1).
>I'm running the threaded version.



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