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Re: screen resolution, font size and real estate

Adam Hardy:
> Can I do anything to globally affect all font sizes in X, not just in the 
> bits that KDE controls? 

There is a quite clean way to do this. At least it works for me.


Your problem may be that your X makes wrong assumptions about your
screen resolution. Not in absolute numbers (as in 1280x1024), but
relative to your screen's real size (as in dots per inch). The number of
pixels a character takes for a given size (like 10pt etc) depends on
what X thinks is your current dpi setting.

The easiest way to make sure X knows your real dpi:

- Run this:
  xdpyinfo | grep dots
     resolution:    92x92 dots per inch

  If xdpyinfo shows 76 dpi, this is most probably false (unless you have
  a very large monitor running at 1280x1024).

- Measure your display's visible dimensions. This is easy with TFT
  displays and a little bit trickier for CRTs. But it doesn't have to be
  100% accurate anyway.

- In your /etc/X11/xorg.conf (or XF86Config if you are running stable)
  search for your "Monitor" section. Add a line like
  DisplaySize 280 212
  to this section with your display's dimensions in millimetres

- Restart X

- Run 'xdpyinfo | grep dots' again to see if it has changed.

At this point, your fonts might actually look screwed in some
applications. *But*: now all your applications (be it KDE, Gnome or
plain X) should display all fonts with the same point size at the same
real size.

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