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Re: Help really needed: Formatted / partition by accident.

Dmitri Minaev wrote:
I am afraid that nothing can be done to recover this installation. You
still can try to recover some of your data. If your partition table is
damaged, you may find TestDisk useful. See:

TestDisk has helped me to recover my data when I occasionally dd'ed a
floppy image onto /dev/hda.

OK, TestDisk was able to recover all three partitions. /, swap & home. Really amazing free (he's getting a donation for sure) software. As a backup measure I copied all of home to an external hard disk. Cfdisk shows (just to double check, didn't write anything) / as bootable, the swap and home partitions.

Tried booting after recovering but no luck. Maybe I need to reinstall grub?
Thanks for all the help and suggestions. Really appreciated.


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