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Re: [backports & security]

* George Borisov <george@dxsolutions.co.uk> [2006-06-01 11:39]:
> Felix C. Stegerman wrote:
> > 
> > I'm about to install sarge on a (production) server of my own, and
> > would rather like to have the latest versions of:
> >   * mysql (5.0)
> >   * vim (7.0)
> >   * the Linux kernel (2.6.16) [ppc]
> The latter will probably cause the most problems. The Debian packages of
> the later kernels depend on an later version of libc6, with all the
> further dependency implications.
> You will probably be able to use the kernels you compile yourself.
> For the rest, you could consider mixing stable and testing (through APT
> pinning.) MySQL 5 is definitely in testing and vim 7 will make it there
> eventually.

Wouldn't mixing stable and testing be less secure than using
backports?  Or is security support for testing good enough to rely on
for (some packages on) production servers?

- Felix

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