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Re: rsh as root without password

Sadegh Ismael Nattaj wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am working with a clustered software that needs to rsh as "root" into
> every nodes of cluster (before advising on ssh or something else, I must
> say that all machines are in an isolated network and there is no
> security risk at all).
> I added "machine-name root" string in .rhosts file in root's home of all
> nodes or even "+ machine-name root" in "/etc/hosts.equiv" file , but it
> does not works. also I remarked this line in "/etc/pam.d/rsh" :
> 	"auth   required        pam_nologin.so"
> but the problem is still exists.
> Using "rsh-server" and "rsh-client" packages on sarge-31r1.

Regardless of security, this is much easier to implement using ssh and
public keys without a passphrase (or with something like keychain if you
want a passphrase on your key).


Roberto C. Sanchez

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