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Re: wake-on-lan

Christian Pernegger schreef:
I also checked Documentation/networking/e100.txt (I presume the card's driver is e100 since that's the only network driver related module I see in lsmod) and it says that it should work with ethtool. But it doesn't.

It says the same for e1000 and that also only works with Intel's newer driver. Give it a try, chances are it will work.

Nope, still no luck.

On the bright side: I tried out some older kernels to see if it was a kernel update that triggered the faulty behavior. I tried 2.6.16, 2.6.12 and 2.6.8; 2.6.8 works as it should. So I'm simply going to use that one for the time being.

I'll see if I can add anything useful to the bug report, once bugs.debian.org is back up.

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