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Re: wake-on-lan

Christian Pernegger schreef:
 > [...] I can remotely wake the box if I shut it down  before it boots
 > Linux, but it doesn't work if I shut it down when Linux is running.

I had the same problem, as do many others according to Google.

1) Check if WoL is on using

# ethtool eth0

There should be a 'g' in the Wake-On: line. If there is not you'll have to run

It's there:

        Supports Wake-on: g
        Wake-on: g

2) The problem in my case was that the driver turned off the NIC completely during shutdown, so it lost its link to the switch (check the LEDs) and the ability to wake up.

The LEDs (a green one and an orange one FWIW) are lighted when the box is powered down.

I also checked Documentation/networking/e100.txt (I presume the card's driver is e100 since that's the only network driver related module I see in lsmod) and it says that it should work with ethtool. But it doesn't.

I must be missing something; I'll search further tonight when I get home; I'm not going to mess around with it right now since I'm not home to power it back up manually.

I filed a bug on WoL not working, please add your experience there - maybe someone in the kernel team will look at it if more people complain :)


I'm not sure it is a kernel bug yet, but I will my experience once I have a better view of the problem and hopefully the solution.

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