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Debian Sarge Installation problem, ISO image is mounted from NTFS

Primary problem is, I don't want to make 14 CDs. So I put all 14 ISO images on NTFS partition.

I have the first cd of Debian Sarge r310ra installed with 2.6 kernel and I have the remaining 13 cd images on my windows partition on ntfs. I booted sarge mounted the ntfs partition and I then mounted the second cd iso image on my home directory.
I now want to install the contents of the second cd and like wise I have to do for all 13
I added
deb file:/home/gopal/ntfs2-dir/debian/ sarge main
to the sources.list file.  Later I ran apt-get update and this returns done.
I think it should install the packages, but it just says done.
Is there any other step after apt-get update.

Second Approach:
When I use dselect and from within choose apt, the upgrade (i think step 2 of apt) is able to show the packages and the install (I think step 3 of the apt) is unable to install the packages.

By the all I am doing all this as root.

Please advise, or suggest a different approach.

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