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Wacom Mouse - Still Baffled.

The Wacom Graphire4 mouse worked perfectly with Sarge - best mouse I've ever had.

After upgrading to Testing I have this strange set of affairs: The stylus will move the cursor, the mouse will not but the mouse buttons and scroll wheel work.

I found and installed xserver-xorg-input-wacom.  This did not help.

I found xorgcfg was installed and ran it. In expert mode I can make the entries to add a wacom mouse but they have no effect. Not surprising as on starting xorgcfg there is an error message that a module was not installed. Using strace xorgcfg I found it was looking for /lib/modules/drivers/linux which does not exist. /lib/modules contains directories for the installed kernels including 2.6.15Jun3.

I went to linuxwacom.sf.net and modified xorg.conf as shown in the HOWTO Adding Input Devices. This did not make any difference.

Has anyone had success with the Wacom mouse in testing? If so, do you have any clues as to how to get my mouse working again?

Tom George

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