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howto customize printing from adobe reader 7.0.5

I'm using cups and kprinter for printing on debian sarge. Apparently adobe reader is completely unaware of this. Every time I want to print something I have to manually select A4 instead of letter etc. and have to tell it to use kprinter instead of lpr.

Other applications successfully detect available printers and automatically select A4 paper as is the global configuration. Is there a way to force this on adobe reader?

I know that my print setup worked in older versions of acroread, but now that I use

  Installed: 7.0.5-0.3
  Candidate: 7.0.5-0.3
  Version Table:
 *** 7.0.5-0.3 0
        800 ftp://ftp.nerim.net sarge/main Packages
        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status

it doesn't.

Any help is appreciated!


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