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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Paul Johnson wrote:
> Just wait until Alito "elects" Bush to a third term as president of the US in 
> a 5 to 4 swing decision.  Same as the last two elections, just change the 
> names of the 7 people allowed to vote in the last two elections...

I see this claim constantly.  You know what, it is completely without
merit.  If the same thing had happened to "elect" Gore or Kerry, you
would likely be praising the system tfor having "worked."  Fact is, the
procedures involving the supreme court in such cases were laid out long
ago.  If you have a problem with them after the fact, then shame on you
for not making yourself aware and trying to do something about it
earlier.  Being part of the electorate is a right *and* a responsibility

You know what I really don't understand?  How it happened with Gore and
not one single Deomcrat came out afterward trying to seriously "fix" the
rules that were a problem.  Crying about after it is done won't fix


Roberto C. Sanchez

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