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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

On Tuesday 30 May 2006 23:10, Ron Johnson wrote:
> Katipo wrote:
> > Mike McCarty wrote:
> >
> > <snip>
> >
> >> This is a consequence of the fact that, in the USA, the Sovereign is
> >> the Electorate,
> >
> > Yes, but that's all rapidly changing, isn't it?
> When was *your* Head of State elected?  Oh, wait, she wasn't, was she?

Just wait until Alito "elects" Bush to a third term as president of the US in 
a 5 to 4 swing decision.  Same as the last two elections, just change the 
names of the 7 people allowed to vote in the last two elections...

Paul Johnson
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