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Re: [UNVERIFIED SENDER] Re: Gnome instead of KDE dialog in Firefox

Kelly Clowers wrote:
> On 5/29/06, Kamaraju Kusumanchi <raju.mailinglists@gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Monday 29 May 2006 17:08, Magnus Therning wrote:
>> > On Mon, May 29, 2006 at 03:41:39PM -0500, Kent West wrote:
>> > >Any idea how to get Firefox to use KDE's "Save" dialog (or better,
>> the
>> > >"Save" dialog for whatever environment/wm is running)?
>> >
>> > Not really what you ask for but have you tried hitting Ctrl+L?
> In fact you can just start typing without pressing Ctrl+l.

Ah! Even better.

> Anyway, as far as the dialog box, it is GTK and that is how FF is
> built on
> Linux. There is some QT code that is an option at build time, but AFAIK
> it is very experimental and like to not work right. I have never seen a
> prepackaged QT version, so to even try it you would need to build it
> yourself.

Thanks for the info! I guess I'll live with the "just start typing" method.


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