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apple DRM, vmware and itunes, ipod


Little did I suspect I'd be tied to windows by way of the DRM apple
wraps around their itunes.  Not to be impeded from my goal of having a
linux box, I settled for the moment on running itunes from within
VMWare workstation while apple dukes it out with antitrust lawsuits
and hopefully opens up their drm to _paying customers_ who simply want
to listen to their tunes from *nix.

One problem though - when i plug my ipod into a USB port and connect
it to vmware, it is not recognized as an ipod even though the drivers
are there and i can browse the drive through My Computer.  has anyone
figured out a fix for this, or am i using the wrong emulator with
vmware - shoudl i try crossover office instead?  wine won't do itunes


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