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raid 1

Hi all,

I set up raid 1 during installing system with kernel 2.4.27-2, then i used mdadm to create mdadm.conf file . my hard drives was detected as /dev/hdc[1-9] /dev/hde[1-9] because the kernel was missing proper drivers , so then i compiled new kernel 2.6.16 and drives changed their names to /dev/sda[1-9] and /dev/sdb[1-9] after that i could not boot from raid at all.  Even if boot from live cd assemble raid with /dev/sda[1-9] /dev/sdb[1-9] , create mdadm.conf file with proper names , during the boot it still wanted reassemble raid using /dev/hdc /dev/hde names?? , ( of course it complained that it couldn't find these devices ).
Have you ever had such problem ?
Any help appreciate


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